Transforming Evidence Based Nursing Practice.
Designed and Developed by Nurses for Nurses.

 Nurse Development Resources® (NDR) is an affordable and customizable suite of solution-driven resources and tools as a complete solution for an organization’s entire nursing workforce development: new graduate nurse hires, experienced and existing staff nurses.

Arm Your Nursing Workforce with the Right Tools.

  • Next generation of total RN Workforce Solutions.
  • Align with your organizational goals.
  • Flexible and customizable to fit your needs.
  • Affordable because money matters.

Maximize Clinical Efficiency and Financial Return.


For the first time ever, hospital reimbursement is being tied to direct influencers from nurses who deliver care. Evidence based decision-making tools in the hands of point-of-care nurses drive quality care and now drive dollars.

GCPD understands the need for health care providers to successfully transition all nurses: new graduates, newly hired experienced nurses and nurses transitioning into new specialty practice areas. NDR helps organizations build a workforce based on quality care, safety, positive patient experience, and excellent patient outcomes. A prepared and competent workforce ultimately drives increased reimbursement dollars.


Galen Center for Professional Development (GCPD) believes the nation’s health depends on nurses. It is a core belief which guides all we do. Our collaborative approach creates partnerships with health care providers to align with their goals for quality patient outcomes and nursing workforce development. NDR is additive and allows you to  retain and incorporate what systems you may already be using, have developed, and find of value into a system of new products with new features that you can add over time in whatever sequencing is right for you.

Arm your nursing workforce to positively impact your bottom line; maximize reimbursements, recover costs and increase retention. Assurance of the latest evidence based practices across your entire nursing workforce increases clinical efficiency, promotes financial responsibility, and transforms your nursing workforce.

Advance is NDR’s high quality interactive e-learning curriculum modules and corresponding competencies. Seamlessly updated relevant content that focuses on evidence based practices associated with National Patient Safety Goals, core measures and patient satisfaction

Benchmarks are a unique component of NDR that provides a roadmap for healthcare organizations to accurately determine the length of “precepted” or “orientation” time. An evidence based tool with consistent, predictable and measurable criteria. This innovative approach provides the evidence necessary for managers, educators and preceptors to deem a nurse ready for independent practice.

Engage is NDR’s custom-built electronic data access and management platform. A real-time progress dashboard allows transparency and the ability to manage organizational and unit specific competencies. In addition, Engage functions as a learning management system for your entire nursing workforce.

Navigate is NDR’s custom-built, mobile web application that uses binary tree logic to provide point-of-care resources in the navigation and management of National Patient Safety Goals and core measures.

Toolkit is NDR’s multi-modality training and specialized coaching to ensure successful implementation and continued organizational development.


At the heart of Nurse Development Resources® (NDR) is unparalleled customer service to assist you in the development of an implementation plan that ensures successful execution and achievement of your desired goals. We ensure everyone in your organization has the necessary training through a variety of methods including on-site trainings, facilitated interactive webinars, and easily accessible videos.

Learn How NDR Can Work for You and Your Nurses.

Build a workforce focused on quality care and patient outcomes.

  •  Improve Patient Outcomes
  •  Improve Patient Satisfaction
  •  Improve Nurse Retention
  •  Improve Reimbursement
  •  Attractive Cost Features
Attractive ROI’s that are sustainable and can be improved annually depending on your opportunity and educational development efforts.

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