Martin’s ABCs of Nursing

We change the life of one to care for the lives of many.

In 2006, Bobbi Martin wrote the ABCs of Nursing as a point of inspiration for her graduating nursing students; an easy reference to encourage nurses to stay resilient, open to growth, always learning, and ultimately, to always remember the importance of care.

Twelve years later, we learned that they’ve found a home in Ann Hoffman’s unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where a staff nurse posted it to their bulletin board for #NursesWeek!

Nursing is a business of caring. Martin’s ABCs of Nursing ring simple and clear. Take care of yourself; take care of your patients. Never be afraid to ask for help. Always seek to be better. Let things go. And ultimately, care. 

Achieve great things.

Believe in yourself.


Don’t take it personally.

Expect highly of yourself.

Find courage to ask for help.

Get over it.

Help others.

Imitate greatness.

Judge yourself, not others.

Keep your word.

Learn something new every day.

Mentor others.

Never backstroke.

Own your mistakes.

Pick your battles wisely.

Quit complaining.

Remember what it was like being student.

See the whole picture.

Take vacations.

Understand people’s motivations.

Validate others’ successes.

Wonder what could be.

X – Become the Expert

Your intuition is usually right.

Zzzzzzz’s… catch some if you can!

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